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get Synonyms

Accept, Access, Accomplish, Achieve, Acquire, Adjust, Advance, Affect, Aggravate, Aim, Amaze, Amuse, Become, Arrive, Bring, Arrest, Baffle, Beat, Bewilder, Begin, Beget, Annex, Attain, Bag, Be given, Apprehend, Blow in, Argue into, Beg, Bring around, Arouse, Bend, Bias, Breed, Annoy, Bother, Come, Convey, Cause, Catch, Capture, Develop, Contract, Drive, Buzz off, Bugger off, Draw, Dumbfound, Commence, Bring forth, Bring in, Build up, Buy into, Buy off, Buy out, Cash in on, Chalk up, Clean up, Clear, Come by, Compass, Cop, Come down with, Collar, Defeat, Come over, Comprehend, Come to, Converge, Draw near, Contrive, Dispose, Dress, Coax, Compel, Carry, Bug, Burn, Buffalo, Confound, Discomfit, Disconcert, Distress, Disturb, Go, Let, Have, Find, Obtain, Incur, Fetch, Experience, Pay back, Pay off, Fix, Make, Induce, Grow, Produce, Fuck off, Perplex, Puzzle, Mystify, Pose, Flummox, Nonplus, Gravel, Get down, Engender, Father, Mother, Generate, Earn, Educe, Effect, Elicit, Evoke, Extort, Extract, Gain, Get hands on, Glean, Grab, Hustle, Inherit, Land, Lock up, Net, Parlay, Pick up, Procure, Pull, Rack up, Realize, Get sick, Nab, Nail, Occupy, Overcome, Overpower, Fathom, Figure out, Follow, Hear, Know, Learn, Look at, Notice, Perceive, Reach, Get in touch, Fit, Order, Prepare, Ready, Influence, Persuade, Press, Pressure, Prevail upon, Prompt, Provoke, Entertain, Excite, Gratify, Impress, Inspire, Move, Predispose, Procreate, Propagate, Exasperate, Gall, Irk, Nettle, Peeve, Pique, Put out, Embarrass, Perturb, Receive, Undergo, Stimulate, Take, Scram, Vex, Stick, Stupefy, Start out, Start, Set about, Set out, Suffer, Sustain, Sire, Reap, Score, Secure, Snag, Snap up, Snowball, Wangle, Win, Sicken, Succumb, Trap, Run, Turn, Wax, See, Take in, Work out, Show, Show up, Turn up, Straighten, Succeed, Sway, Talk into, Urge, Wheedle, Win over, Satisfy, Stir, Stir up, Strike, Touch, Rile, Rub the wrong way, Try, Stump, Upset

get Definitions and meaning in English

  1. come into the possession of something concrete or abstract
  2. enter or assume a certain state or condition
  3. cause to move
  4. come to have or undergo a change of (physical features and attributes)
  5. be stricken by an illness, fall victim to an illness
  6. communicate with a place or person 2
  7. reach and board
  8. irritate
  9. evoke an emotional response
  10. apprehend and reproduce accurately
  11. in baseball: earn or achieve a base by being walked by the pitcher
  12. overcome or destroy
  13. be a mystery or bewildering to
  14. take the first step or steps in carrying out an action
  15. undergo (as of injuries and illnesses)
  16. make children
  17. come into possession of; achieve
  18. fall victim to
  19. seize
  20. come to be
  21. understand
  22. arrive
  23. contact for communication
  24. arrange
  25. manage desired goal
  26. convince
  27. induce
  28. have an effect on
  29. produce offspring
  30. upset
  31. confuse

get Sentences in English

  1. हो जाना  =  disease human
    Cholera got him

  2. प्रेरित करना  =  event excite human
    His death got the people to take action against him.

  3. बरबाद करना  =  habit human
    Alcoholism got him

  4. डालना  =  condition
    He got himself into this condition by his own mistakes

  5. पहुं़चाना  =  condition
    He got himself into this condition by his own mistakes

  6. निकलना  =  human, leave
    We will get out

  7. मिलना  =  human thing
    To get a birthday present

  8. आउट करना  =  human play human
    Finally the bowler got the batsman

  9. होना  =  pain human
    Intense pain got him

  10. लगना  =  thing human
    The bullet got him in the neck

  11. गुस्सा दिलाना  =  annoy human
    It rally gets me when she bosses people around

  12. चिढाना  =  annoy human
    It rally gets me when she bosses people around

  13. होना  =  occur
    The food is getting cold. / it must be getting more serious.

  14. सज़ा होना  =  be punished penalty
    He got 10 years for armed robbery/to get 20 years in jail

  15. खरिदना  =  buy thing
    To get a newspapers or magazines regularly

  16. पकड़ना  =  catch human
    He was on the run for a week before the police got him.

  17. पकड़ लेना  =  catch human
    He was on the run for a week before the police got him

  18. प्रेरित करना  =  cause human
    I will get him to do this job

  19. करवाना  =  cause to do thing
    Get the house repaired.

  20. खा लेना  =  eat meal
    To get a meal

  21. सुनाई देना  =  hear matter
    I didn't get your last name

  22. जानना  =  learn matter
    How did you get that i was here

  23. ले जाना  =  move human
    We had better call taxi and get you home

  24. ले जाना  =  move thing
    We couldnot get the piano through the door

  25. पकाना  =  prepare meal
    Don't distrub your mother while she is getting a dinner

  26. मारना  =  shoot thing
    I will get the bird: don't worry

  27. पाना  =  start
    I couldn't get the car to start this morning

  28. समझना  =  understand matter
    I don't get this problem.

  29. ले जाना  =  human, carry
    I will get the packet to you

  30. देना  =  human, give
    I will get the packet to you

  31. भेजना  =  human, send
    I will get the packet to you

  32. लगाना  =  thing bullet
    I could get very few bulltes into the target

  33. पाना  =  achieve
    She got a first class degree in english at oxford.

  34. गुस्सा दिलाना  =  annoy
    It really gets me when she bosses people around.

  35. पहुँचना  =  arrive
    We got to san diego at 7 o'clock.

  36. होना  =  become
    We ought to go <h,0,0>; it's getting late.

  37. हो जाना  =  become
    She got angry.

  38. लाना  =  bring
    Go and get a dictionary/can i get you a drink.

  39. खरिदना  =  buy
    When did you get that shirt

  40. ले जाएना  =  carry
    We couldn't get the piano through the door.

  41. कराना  =  cause to do
    She soon got the children ready for school.

  42. उतरना  =  descend
    She got down from the ladder.

  43. मालूम करना  =  discover
    Let me get this: is she married or not

  44. करना  =  do
    They plan to get married in the summer.

  45. कमाना  =  earn
    He gets about rs.25000 a year.

  46. लगना  =  feel
    She got a shock when she saw the telephone bill.

  47. जाना  =  go
    We didn't get to bed till 3 am.

  48. सुनना  =  hear
    I didn't quite get what you said.

  49. मारना  =  hit
    Where did the stone get you/i got him on the back of the head with a crowbar.

  50. राजी कर लेना  =  influence
    I will get him to do this job

  51. रख्ना  =  keep thing
    Get the car ready

  52. जाना  =  move
    The bridge was destryoed so we couldn't get across the river.

  53. मिलना  =  obtain
    How much did you get for the old car i got rs.10000 for it.

  54. राज़ी करना  =  persuade
    He got his sister to help him with his homework.

  55. उलझन में डालना  =  put into trouble
    You've got me there!'

  56. पहुँचना  =  reach
    We got to san diego at 7 o'clock

  57. मौक़ा मिलना  =  recive
    Did you get to see raju while you were in paris

  58. सज़ा मिलना  =  recive
    He got ten years for armed robbery.

  59. प्राप्त करना  =  recive
    I got a letter from my sister this morning.

  60. बदला लेना  =  revenge
    I'll get you for that, you bastard!

  61. पकड़ना  =  seize
    He was on the run for a week before the police got him.

  62. लेना  =  take
    Try to get some sleep.

  63. ले लेना  =  travel
    We're going to be late; let's get a taxi.

  64. जाना  =  travel
    We're going to be late <h,0,0>; let's get a taxi.

  65. समझना  =  understand
    I didn't get the joke.

  66. जीतना  =  win
    He got the gold medal in the 100 metres.

  67. समझना  =  picture matter
    I got your meaning through the picture

  68. रहना  =  action
    Get moving

  69. मिलना  =  answer
    I got the answer.

  70. मिलना  =  defeat
    Even if you get defeat do not lose heart

  71. होना  =  disease
    He got malaria

  72. मिलना  =  failure
    Even if you get failure you should not lose heart

  73. सुझना  =  idea
    I got an idea

  74. लेना  =  letter, human
    You will have to get a letter from the hod

  75. पाना  =  matter, matter
    We got gold from the ore

  76. कमाना  =  money
    He gets about rs 25000 a year

  77. समझना  =  point
    Do you get my point

  78. लेना  =  prize
    I got the first prize in the competition.

  79. लेना  =  result
    Will i have to get my result on monday

  80. हासिल करना  =  thing
    Somehow get the diamond!

  81. पकड़ना  =  train
    We got the 6 o'clock local from london

  82. लगा पाना  =  radio channel
    We cannot get the channel 2 in our radio

  83. समझना  =  song matter
    I got the meaning through thesong

  84. बात करना  =  telephone, talk
    You can always get me by telephone

  85. मिलना  =  telephone human
    I got him on the telephone

  86. लगाना  =  telephone place
    I tried to get the lab through the telephone

  87. लगा पाना  =  television channel
    We cannot get the channel 4 in our television

  88. हासिल करना
    She got a lot of paintings from her uncle.

  89. पाना
    She got a lot of paintings from her uncle.

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