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  1. lengthen or extend in duration or space
  2. undergo (as of injuries and illnesses)
  3. provide with nourishment
  4. supply with necessities and support
  5. be the physical support of
  6. carry the weight of
  7. admit as valid
  8. establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts
  9. keep up
  10. maintain
  11. endure
  12. experience

sustain Sentences in English

  1. संभालना  =  bear
    The ice will not sustain your weight.

  2. जीवित रखना  =  keep alive
    Only the hope that the rescuers were getting nearer sustained the trapped miners.

  3. बनाये रखना  =  keep going
    Not enough oxygen to sustain life.

  4. जारी रखना  =  maintain
    The clapping was sustained for several minutes.

  5. शक्ति देना  =  strengthen
    Enjoy a sustaining breakfast.

  6. खाना  =  defeat
    Sustain a defeat.

  7. पहुँचना  =  injury
    He sustained severe injuries to the head.

  8. उठाना  =  loss
    Sustain a loos.

  9. की वैधता मान लेना  =  law
    The court sustained his claim that the contract was illegal.

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