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  1. general term for any insect or similar creeping or crawling invertebrate
  2. a fault or defect in a system or machine
  3. a small hidden microphone
  4. for listening secretly
  5. insects with sucking mouthparts and forewings thickened and leathery at the base
  6. usually show incomplete metamorphosis
  7. a minute life form (especially a disease-causing bacterium)
  8. the term is not in technical use
  9. bacterium
  10. microorganism
  11. insect
  12. obsession
  13. computer glitch
  1. annoy persistently
  2. tap a telephone or telegraph wire to get information
  3. bother
  4. disturb
  5. listen to without permission

bug Sentences in English

  1. संक्रामक बीमारी
    I think i've caught a bug.

  2. कीट
    She's allergic to the bugs that live in cats' fur.

  3. बग
    There's a bug in the system.

  4. छिपा हुआ माइक्रोफ़ोन
    The terrorists planted a bug in the embassy.

  5. नशा
    He's bitten by the travel bug - every month he zooms off to some new place!

  6. तंग करना
    Journalists bugged neighbours for information.

  7. परेशान करना
    Why must they keep bugging me about the rent

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