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  1. newspaper writers and photographers
  2. the state of urgently demanding notice or attention
  3. the gathering and publishing of news in the form of newspapers or magazines
  4. a machine used for printing
  5. a dense crowd of people
  6. a tall piece of furniture that provides storage space for clothes
  7. squeeze or press together
  8. crowd closely
  9. create by pressing
  10. be urgent
  11. exert oneself continuously, vigorously, or obtrusively to gain an end or engage in a crusade for a certain cause or person
  12. be an advocate for
  13. press from a plastic
  14. make strenuous pushing movements during birth to expel the baby
  15. lift weights
  16. ask for or request earnestly
  17. strain
  18. pressure
  19. people or person working in communications
  20. horde
  21. large group
  1. push on with force
  2. pressure
  3. trouble

press Sentences in English

  1. हड़बड़ी  =  rush
    The press of morden life

  2. भीड़  =  crowd
    The child got lost in the press

  3. प्रेस  =  publication
    Oxford university press

  4. दीवारी अल्मारी  =  shelf
    A liner press

  5. प्रेरित करना  =  human activity
    He pressed me to face the challenge

  6. दबाना  =  shoe
    The shoe was too small and was pressing against his toe

  7. दबाना  =  grasp
    He pressed my hand

  8. दबाना  =  push
    Press the tigger a the gun

  9. निचोड़ना  =  sqeeze
    Press apple, orange, olive etc

  10. निचोड़ना  =  rinse
    You have to press the orage to extract the juice

  11. दबाना  =  suppress
    Poverty pressed them hard

  12. मजबूर करना  =  urge
    Press him for the payment of the debt

  13. इस्ट्री करना  =  iron cloth
    Press the trousers with iron

  14. जोरदार करना  =  attack
    Pakistan pressed its attack on india

  15. दबाना  =  bell
    Press the bell

  16. इस्ट्री करना  =  clothes
    Press the trousers

  17. दबाना  =  hand
    He pressed her hand and left her

  18. आलिंगन करना  =  human
    She pressed the child top her

  19. थोपना  =  job
    He pressed the job upon me

  20. दबाव डालना  =  matter
    She pressed the matter in front of the council

  21. जोर डालना  =  opinion
    He pressed his own opinion on us

  22. बज्ना  =  record
    Press for the record

  23. जबरदस्ती मनवाना  =  requirement
    Press the requirement

  24. बाध्य करना  =  role
    Though people did not accept him he pressed himself as manager

  25. दबाना  =  switch
    Press the switch

  26. दबाना  =  thing
    Press the soil flat with the back of the spade

  27. दबाव डालना
    I pressed him to finish his studies.

  28. भार उठाना
    This guy can press 300 pounds.

  29. अनुरोध
    She pressed him not to go.

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