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  1. relating to or characteristic of or occurring on land
  2. operating or living or growing on land
  1. the land on which real estate is located
  2. material in the top layer of the surface of the earth in which plants can grow (especially with reference to its quality or use)
  3. the solid part of the earth's surface
  4. territory over which rule or control is exercised
  5. the territory occupied by a nation
  6. a domain in which something is dominant
  7. extensive landed property (especially in the country) retained by the owner for his own use
  8. the people who live in a nation or country
  9. a politically organized body of people under a single government
  10. United States inventor who incorporated Polaroid film into lenses and invented the one-step photographic process (1909-1991) 1
  11. working the land as an occupation or way of life
  12. earth's surface; ownable property
  1. reach or come to rest
  2. cause to come to the ground
  3. bring into a different state
  4. bring ashore
  5. deliver (a blow)
  6. arrive on shore
  7. shoot at and force to come down
  8. arrive
  9. come to rest on
  10. achieve
  11. acquire

land Sentences in English

  1. ज़मीन  =  human
    Man is working on land

  2. देश  =  country
    An industrialized land

  3. ज़मीन
    The family owned a large land in the country.

  4. भू संपत्ति
    The family owned a large land in the country.

  5. राष्ट्र
    An industrialized land

  6. मिलना  =  human obtain job
    He got a job on the land

  7. मिलना  =  human obtain supper
    Every human get its food from the land

  8. देना  =  human blow
    Jones landed several blows to kim in early rounds.

  9. उतरना  =  place
    The spaceman landed to the earth

  10. पह्ँउचना  =  situation
    He landed into a good job after a long struggle

  11. जम्ना  =  human, action
    His mother landed on him for coming home late

  12. किनारे पर ल्ना  =  human fish
    Fisherman brought the fish to the land

  13. ल्ना  =  human, vehicle
    The pilot managed to land the battered old plane safely.

  14. उतार्ना  =  human, vehicle
    They landed the aeroplane after an hour

  15. उतारना  =  human, vessel
    We landed at boston.

  16. किनारे पर उतरना  =  vehicle place passenger
    The ship landed the passenger's safely on the dock

  17. जम्ना  =  event human
    His wife landed on him for coming home late.

  18. उतार्ना  =  airplane
    The plane landed

  19. उतरना  =  passenger
    To land passengers from the ship

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