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Ability, Abut, Acquaintance, Adeptness, Adjoin, Adroitness, Advert, Affect, Allude, Amount, Approach, Arouse, Art, Artistry, Awareness, Be a party to, Bear on, Cutaneous senses, Contact, Concern, Come to, Bear upon, Blow, Brush, Caress, Collision, Communication, Contingence, Crash, Cuddling, Bit, Dash, Detail, Characteristic, Command, Deftness, Direction, Border, Butt on, Come together, Communicate, Converge, Dab, Carry, Belong to, Consume, Deal with, Bring in, Cover, Come near, Come up to, Ghost, Hint, Mite, Jot, Feeling, Meet, Impact, Extend to, Equal, Match, Disturb, Embrace, Feel, Fondling, Graze, Grope, Handling, Hit, Hug, Junction, Kiss, Lick, Manipulation, Drop, Inkling, Intimation, Effect, Facility, Faculty, Familiarity, Finish, Flair, Hand, Handiwork, Influence, Knack, Mastery, Examine, Finger, Fondle, Frisk, Glance, Handle, Inspect, Join, Lay a finger on, Line, Manipulate, March, Massage, Neighbor, Excite, Feel out, Get to, Grab, Impress, Inspire, Mark, Melt, Move, Drink, Eat, Interest, Involve, Discuss, Go over, Mention, Note, Touching, Sense of touch, Skin senses, Touch modality, Trace, Signature, Tinge, Pinch, Speck, Soupcon, Spot, Touch sensation, Tactual sensation, Tactile sensation, Stir, Refer, Pertain, Relate, Touch on, Reach, Rival, Partake, Tint, Tinct, Nudge, Palpation, Pat, Peck, Perception, Percussion, Petting, Push, Rub, Rubbing, Scratch, Shock, Stroke, Stroking, Tactility, Tap, Taste, Scent, Shade, Smack, Smattering, Streak, Suggestion, Suspicion, Tincture, Whiff, Skill, Style, Talent, Technique, Trademark, Understanding, Virtuosity, Way, Osculate, Palm, Palpate, Paw, Percuss, Pet, Probe, Scrutinize, Sip, Smooth, Strike, Suck, Sweep, Tag, Thumb, Tickle, Tip, Toy, Verge, Quicken, Soften, Stimulate, Strike a chord, Sway, Upset, Partake of, Refer to, Use, Utilize, Speak of, Treat, Parallel, Tie, Verge on

touch Antonyms

touch Definitions and meaning in English

  1. the event of something coming in contact with the body
  2. the faculty of touch
  3. a suggestion of some quality
  4. a distinguishing style
  5. the act of putting two things together with no space between them
  6. a slight but appreciable addition
  7. a communicative interaction
  8. a slight attack of illness
  9. the act of soliciting money (as a gift or loan)
  10. the sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin
  11. deftness in handling matters
  12. the feel of mechanical action
  13. physical contact
  14. tiny amount
  15. manner
  16. method
  1. make physical contact with, come in contact with
  2. perceive via the tactile sense
  3. affect emotionally
  4. have to do with or be relevant to
  5. be in direct physical contact with
  6. make contact
  7. have an effect upon
  8. deal with
  9. usually used with a form of negation
  10. cause to be in brief contact with
  11. to extend as far as
  12. be equal to in quality or ability
  13. tamper with
  14. make a more or less disguised reference to
  15. comprehend
  16. consume
  17. dye with a color
  18. make physical contact
  19. have an effect on
  20. have to do with; regard
  21. make mention
  22. compare with; correspond to

touch Sentences in English

  1. स्पर्श  =  action
    I felt the touch of her hand on my arms

  2. हल्का सा  =  amount
    He has a touch of rheumatis

  3. पार्श्वभूमि  =  area
    He kicked the ball into touch

  4. थोड़ी माट्रा  =  degree
    A touch of salt

  5. स्पर्श  =  feelings
    She likes the touch of silk on her skin

  6. संबंध  =  relation
    To be in touch with public opinion

  7. स्पर्श  =  sense attribute
    Only sight and touch enable us to locate the objects in the space around us

  8. तरीका  =  style
    The dean has a marvelous touch in dealing with the students

  9. ढंगअ  =  technique
    Play the piano with light touch.

  10. संपर्क
    He got in touch with his colleagues.

  11. छूऊना  =  action affect thing
    Their suffering touched his heart

  12. हिलाना  =  action move heart
    His talks touches my heart

  13. हिलाना  =  action move human
    The speech of minister touches everybody

  14. छूना  =  event human
    Their sufferings touched him

  15. छूना  =  human place thing part of body
    I touched his head with my finger

  16. दबाना  =  human press bell
    I touched the bell

  17. उल्लेख करना  =  human refer to point
    I touched the main points of his speech

  18. उल्लेख करना  =  human refer to problem
    The minister touched upon the problems in orissa

  19. हाथ लगाना  =  human, attack human
    The enemy could not touch the prince

  20. छूना  =  human, event
    Don't touch me.

  21. हाथ लगाना  =  human drink
    He won't touch any drink

  22. हथ लगाना  =  human food
    She didn't touch her food all night

  23. माँगना  =  human money, human
    The beggar tried to touch money from him.

  24. उल्लेख करना  =  human question
    The teacher touched the main question of the topic

  25. असर करना  =  affect human
    I was touched by your kind letter of sympathy

  26. छूना  =  contact
    The branches hung down and touched the water

  27. छूना  =  volitional thing human
    The dog touches his master when he praises him

  28. हाथ लगाना  =  volitional thing thing
    The visitors were requested not to touch the paintings

  29. छूना  =  volitional thing
    The dog touches his master when he praises him

  30. स्ंअपर्क करना  =  contact
    Touch the stone for good luck

  31. ज़िक्र करना  =  mention
    He touched on the problem but did not mention it.

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