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  1. move toward, travel toward something or somebody or approach something or somebody
  2. reach a destination
  3. arrive by movement or progress
  4. come to pass
  5. arrive, as in due course
  6. reach a state, relation, or condition
  7. to be the product or result
  8. enter or assume a condition, relation, use, or position
  9. be found or available
  10. come forth
  11. be a native of
  12. extend or reach
  13. exist or occur in a certain point in a series
  14. come from
  15. be connected by a relationship of blood, for example
  16. cover a certain distance
  17. come under, be classified or included
  18. happen as a result
  19. add up in number or quantity
  20. develop into
  21. be received
  22. come to one's mind
  23. suggest itself
  24. proceed or get along
  25. experience orgasm
  26. have a certain priority
  27. advance
  28. approach
  29. happen
  30. extend
  31. reach

come Sentences in English

  1. आना  =  event human
    I came here for you.

  2. आना  =  event human
    Come with me to the bombay

  3. आना  =  event
    Events come one by one

  4. आना  =  feeling
    Sad feeling came into his heart

  5. आना  =  goods
    Goods came by train

  6. पहुँचना  =  goods
    Goods came to mumbai at 7.00 o'clock

  7. आना  =  place
    She suddenly came into his room

  8. आना  =  human, action
    She came to see me

  9. आना  =  human, place
    She came from bombay

  10. आना  =  human
    He came at my house

  11. आना  =  idea
    A great idea came inot his mind

  12. दिमाग में आना  =  idea
    A great idea then came to her

  13. आना  =  liquid
    The water came to my neck

  14. आना  =  phenomenon, place
    A scream came from the woman's mouth

  15. आना  =  tear
    Tears came from her eyes

  16. पहुँचना  =  place, place
    The goods came from delhi to mumbai at 7.00 o'clock

  17. आना  =  place
    The goods came to mumbai at 7.00 o'clock

  18. उगना  =  thing, thing
    Melons come from a vine

  19. आना  =  thing
    The shoes came untied

  20. आना  =  time
    The time has come to act

  21. पहुँचना  =  water
    The water came up to my waist

  22. आना  =  human
    She came for me

  23. मिलना  =  available
    These shoes come in three colours

  24. होना  =  become
    Everything will come right in the end

  25. पड़ना  =  fall
    He came into the love

  26. आना  =  fall
    This comes under a new haeding

  27. आना  =  receive
    News came in of the massacre in rwanda

  28. नतीज़ा निकलना  =  result
    Nothing good will come of this

  29. आना  =  activity
    Why don't you come ice-skating with us toinght

  30. आना  =  amount
    The bills came to rs 2000

  31. आना  =  place
    He came to bombay

  32. पहुँचना  =  place
    He came to bombay at 7.00 a.m

  33. पड़ना  =  problem
    He came into the problem

  34. आना  =  problem
    He came into the trouble

  35. निकलना  =  result
    This will come into the result

  36. होना  =  state
    The water came to a boil

  37. लगना  =  state
    Their anger came to a boil

  38. पहुं़चना  =  arrive
    She came home at 7 o'clock

  39. पहुँचना  =  reach
    The water came up to my waist

  40. पार करना  =  distance
    She came three miles

  41. आना  =  matter
    We came to understand the true meaning of life

  42. नतीजा निकलना
    Nothing came of his grandiose plans.

  43. होना  =  add up
    The bill came to rs. 2,000.

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