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Ambush, Annihilate, Annihilation, Baffle, Balk, Bar, Bear down, Beat, Beat down, Beating, Best, Blank, Block, Blow, Break, Breakdown, Bury, Check, Collapse, Conquest, Count, Debacle, Destruction, Discomfiture, Drubbing, Disappointment, Downfall, Butcher, Crush, Decimate, Demolish, Discomfit, Drown, Bust, Clobber, Cream, Deck, Drop, Drub, Edge, Cast down, Checkmate, Circumvent, Confound, Contravene, Cook, Counterplot, Cross, Disappoint, Disconcert, Disprove, Licking, Frustration, Get the better of, Overcome, Kill, KO, Embarrassment, Extermination, Failure, Fall, Killing, Lacing, Loss, Massacre, Mastery, Paddling, Rebuff, Repulse, Reverse, Rout, Ruin, Scalping, Foil, Reversal, Entrap, Finish off, Halt, Hinder, Impede, Lick, Obliterate, Obstruct, Outflank, Outmaneuver, Overpower, Overrun, Overthrow, Overwhelm, Parry, Prevail over, Quell, Reduce, Repel, Repress, Roll back, Route, Sack, Flax, Flog, Floor, Knock out, Lambaste, Outplay, Outrun, Pommel, Pound, Powder, Pulverize, Edge out, Invalidate, Neutralize, Nonplus, Nose out, Nullify, Outwit, Overturn, Puzzle, Refute, Shoot down, Vote down, Vote out, Setback, Slaughter, Subjugation, Thrashing, Trap, Trimming, Triumph, Trouncing, Waxing, Whaling, Whipping, Whitewashing, Thwarting, Scatter, Shipwreck, Sink, Smash, Subdue, Subjugate, Suppress, Surmount, Swamp, Torpedo, Trample, Trash, Upset, Vanquish, Whip, Wipe out, Skin, Steamroll, Take, Tan, Thrash, Total, Trounce, Wallop, Whack, Whomp, Win, Work over, Zap, Scuttle, Shave, Shellac, Skunk, Spoil, Squash, Stump, Thwart, Undo, Victimize

defeat Definitions and meaning in English

  1. an unsuccessful ending
  2. the feeling that accompanies an experience of being thwartedin attaining your goals
  3. overthrow
  4. beating
  5. frustration
  1. win a victory over
  2. thwart the passage of
  3. conquer in military manner
  4. conquer in athletic contest
  5. frustrate

defeat Sentences in English

  1. हारअ  =  action
    I never consider the possibility of defeat.

  2. हराना  =  human thing
    We will defeat the governmet at the next election

  3. समझना कठीन होना  =  be difficult to understand
    I've tried to solve the problem, but it defeats me.

  4. विफल कर देना  =  destroy
    By not working hard enough you defeats you own purpose.

  5. हराना  =  event human
    He defeated her at tennis

  6. असफल करना  =  fail
    It was lack of money,not of effort,that defeated their plan

  7. परास्त करना  =  overcome
    The enemy was defeated in a decisive battle.

  8. हाराना  =  overcome
    The enemy was defeated in a decisive battle.

  9. रोकना  =  prevent
    We've defeated moves to build another office block.

  10. असफल करना  =  thing
    It was lack of money,not of effort,that defeated their plan

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