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  1. come into possession of
  2. receive a specified treatment (abstract)
  3. be valid, applicable, or true
  4. get
  5. acquire

obtain Sentences in English

  1. प्राप्त करना  =  human, event
    He obtained good marks in english.

  2. लागु होना  =  continue in use
    These conditions no longer obtain.

  3. हाशिल करना  =  event
    He couldn't obtain 60% marks in physics.

  4. प्रचलित होना  =  exist
    This fashion no longer obtains.

  5. पाना  =  get
    Fresh vegetables are difficult to obtain,now a days.

  6. हथियाना  =  usurp
    He trid to obtain his property by unfair means.

  7. लेना  =  credit
    The difficulty of getting credit.

  8. पाया जाना  =  idea, thing
    Further information can be obtained from the head office.

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