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  1. the force applied to a unit area of surface
  2. exert pressure on someone through threats
  3. physical force
  4. weight
  5. demand
  6. difficulty
  1. bother
  2. urge

pressure Sentences in English

  1. वायुमण्डललीय चाप  =  atmospheric pressure
    The atmospheric pressure

  2. रक्त चाप  =  blood pressure
    The blood pressure is very high

  3. दबाव  =  action
    The bank will bring pressure to bear on you to make a decision, but we haven't much time

  4. वेग  =  action
    The pressure of the water caused the wall of the dam to crack

  5. प्रभाव  =  condition
    She left home to escape the pressure to conform to her family's way of life

  6. दबाव  =  force
    His boss got him to do this work using pressure

  7. वेग  =  force
    Water is coming out with great pressure

  8. दबाव  =  pressure
    Reduce the pressure a bit

  9. बल  =  push
    The piston exerts pressure on the water and the knob comes out

  10. मानसिक दबाव  =  suppress
    She is constantly under pressure and it is affecting her health

  11. दबाव  =  urgency
    Work under pressure

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