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  1. a person who possesses great material wealth
  1. have or possess, either in a concrete or an abstract sense
  2. have as a feature
  3. of mental or physical states or experiences
  4. have ownership or possession of
  5. cause to move
  6. cause to be in a certain position or condition
  7. serve oneself to, or consume regularly
  8. have a personal or business relationship with someone
  9. organize or be responsible for
  10. have left
  11. be confronted with
  12. undergo
  13. suffer from
  14. be ill with
  15. cause to do
  16. cause to act in a specified manner
  17. receive willingly something given or offered
  18. get something
  19. come into possession of
  20. undergo (as of injuries and illnesses)
  21. achieve a point or goal
  22. give birth (to a newborn)
  23. have sex with
  24. archaic use
  25. be in possession
  26. endure
  27. bear
  28. contain
  29. cheat
  30. trick
  31. bring into the world

have Sentences in English

  1. होना  =  animal baby
    My cat just had kittens

  2. होना  =  human grudge
    He has a grudge against him

  3. होना  =  human, event
    He had his birthday yesterday

  4. होना  =  human ability
    He has the technique to beat sampras

  5. बाध्य होना  =  human activity
    He has to go

  6. होना  =  human baby
    She had a baby girl

  7. होना  =  human body characteristics
    He has long legs

  8. होना  =  human constitution
    He has a remarkable resistance to disease

  9. होना  =  human disease
    He had bronchitis

  10. होना  =  human feeling
    He had pity for the beggar

  11. होना  =  thing accessory
    The teaset has matching cups

  12. होना  =  thing characteristics
    The table has carved legs

  13. होना  =  thing part
    A cube has six sides

  14. होना  =  activity event
    I have a marriage to attend

  15. होना  =  activity human
    I have him to thank for all my troubles

  16. होना  =  activity thing
    I have the car to repair

  17. होना  =  behavior feeling
    He has the sensitivity to be well behaved always

  18. होना  =  completion thing
    Hr has his project to finish

  19. दिल्ना  =  condition human
    The unexpected thunderstorm had him wet/ anonymous letter had him angry

  20. करव्ना  =  condition thing
    I had the house freshly painted

  21. होना  =  human, event
    She had a lot of respect for him

  22. रखना  =  position thing
    We had the picnic basket in the boot of our car

  23. होना  =  possession thing
    We have the keys with us

  24. होना  =  event human
    He has his bodyguard with him at all times

  25. होना  =  exist
    She had problems

  26. पास होना  =  possess
    I have a large collection of books

  27. होना  =  accident
    I had an accident

  28. होना  =  activity
    They will have dancing at the party

  29. पास होना  =  animal
    I have a pet dog

  30. होना  =  cigarette
    He had a cigarette in his hand

  31. होना  =  courage
    Have the courage to stand up for your beliefs.

  32. पीना  =  drink
    Let us have a drink

  33. होना  =  event
    We have an important soccer match tomorrow

  34. ख्ना  =  food
    I had my lunch at home

  35. होना  =  friend
    I have many friends

  36. होना  =  guest
    She has a guest at home

  37. जानना  =  language
    Shakespeare had neither latin nor greek

  38. पास होना  =  matter
    The reserve bank has gold

  39. होना  =  meeting
    I have a meeting to attend

  40. होना  =  relation
    She has three cousins

  41. मिलना  =  thing, human
    You won't even have a cent from me

  42. होना  =  time
    I have a year to complete the course

  43. स्वीकार करना  =  get
    The only girl who would have him was the miller's daughter.

  44. लेना  =  get
    I won't have this dog in my house!

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