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  1. psychological suffering
  2. a state of adversity (danger or affliction or need)
  3. extreme physical pain
  4. the seizure and holding of property as security for paymentof a debt or satisfaction of a claim
  5. hardship
  6. adversity
  7. pain
  8. agony
  1. cause mental pain to
  2. worry
  3. upset

distress Sentences in English

  1. कठिनाई  =  adversity
    Rescue workers attempted to relieve the widespread distress caused by the earthquake.

  2. विपत्तिजनक स्थिति  =  adversity
    A ship in distress.

  3. दुःख  =  pain
    Her death was the cause of great distress to all the family.

  4. दुःख होना  =  cause
    The news of her child's illness distressed the mother.

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