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  1. enter or assume a certain state or condition
  2. undergo a change or development
  3. come into existence
  4. enhance the appearance of
  5. evolve into
  6. enhance

become Sentences in English

  1. बनना  =  state
    She wants to become a doctor

  2. बन जाना  =  human
    After the death of her father she became a richest woman in the world.

  3. हो जाना  =  human
    He become tired

  4. हो जाना  =  state thing
    We soon become acclimatized to the warmer weather

  5. बन जाना  =  occur
    Under the terms of this commitment unesco would become the main partner of the organisation.

  6. हो जाना  =  occur
    He became annoyed when he heard the bad news.

  7. होना  =  occur
    The festive quality will offer a counterpoint to become acquainted with cultural expressions from different world communities.

  8. शोभा देना  =  suit
    That gown becomes you.

  9. ठीक बैठना  =  human
    That gown becomes you

  10. बन जाना  =  thing
    He became king at the age of 17

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