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  1. the act or process of measuring
  2. a basis for comparison
  3. measuring instrument having a sequence of marks at regularintervals
  4. used as a reference in making measurements
  5. portion
  6. scope
  7. standard
  8. rule
  9. preventive or institutive action
  10. bill
  11. law
  12. beat
  13. rhythm
  1. determine the measurements of something or somebody, take measurements of
  2. express as a number or measure or quantity
  3. have certain dimensions
  4. place a value on
  5. judge the worth of something
  6. calculate
  7. judge

measure Sentences in English

  1. मात्रा  =  a certain amount
    New legislation giving women a measure of economic independence

  2. परिगणन  =  calculation
    His mental measuring proved remarkably accurate

  3. मापदण्ड  =  criterian
    They set the measure for all subsequent works

  4. आकलन  =  estimation
    Can you measure your results

  5. पैमाना  =  in full measure
    They returend our hospitality in full measure

  6. कार्रवाई  =  maneuver
    Stronger measures are needed to combat crime.

  7. परिणाम  =  sign
    It is a measure of his popularity that he was able to travel around without a bodyguard

  8. उपाय  =  maneuver
    The situation called for strong measures. / we must take preventive measures to reduce crime in the area.

  9. माप  =  unit of measurement
    A centimetre is a measure of lenth.

  10. मापदण्ड  =  reference point
    Exames are not necessarily the best measures of students abilities. / is this test a good measure of reading comprehension

  11. विधेयक  =  law
    They held a public hearing on the measures / the senate pass the new measure

  12. संगीत प्रविधि  =  musical notation
    The orchestra omitted the last twelve measures of the song.

  13. अच्छी मात्रा  =  large quantity
    A measure of technical knowledge is desirable in this job.

  14. मर्यादा  =  bounds
    Civilized sense of measure

  15. नाप  =  instrument
    The barman used a small silver measure for serving brandy

  16. मात्रा  =  quantity
    A generous measure of whisky

  17. माप  =  Size
    The meter is the measure of the length

  18. माप  =  unit
    A liquid measure

  19. मापना  =  decide
    Measure the length of the wall.

  20. मूल्यांकन करना  =  judge
    It is difficult to measure the success of the campaign at this stage.

  21. तौलना  =  thing
    Please measure the bag

  22. आकार होना  =  be
    The main bedroom measures 12ft by 15ft.

  23. लंबाई होना  =  be
    The pond measures about 2 metres across.

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