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  1. conforming to or constituting a standard of measurement or value
  2. any distinctive flag
  3. regular
  4. approved
  1. guideline
  2. principle
  3. flag

standard Sentences in English

  1. मान
    Standard english is sometimes called the king's english.

  2. शिष्ट
    Standard english is sometimes called the king's english.

  3. मानक  =  grammer
    Standard grammer, language,time

  4. मानक  =  measurement
    Standard units of weight

  5. प्रमाणिक  =  scripture
    Standard scripture

  6. स्टैन्डर्ड  =  size
    Standard size of paper

  7. मान्य  =  acceptable
    This is the standard textbook on the subject

  8. सामान्य  =  average
    Pay the standard rate of tax

  9. मानक  =  measurement
    An international standard of weight

  10. कक्षा  =  class
    She is studying in 7th standard

  11. दर्जा  =  degree
    His work does not reach the required standard

  12. ध्वज  =  flag
    The royal standard

  13. स्तर  =  level
    Set high standard

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