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  1. a state of steady vigorous action that is characteristic of an activity
  2. mechanical device used as a plaything to support someone swinging back and forth
  3. a sweeping blow or stroke
  4. changing location by moving back and forth
  5. a style of jazz played by big bands popular in the 1930s
  6. move or walk in a swinging or swaying manner
  7. change direction with a swinging motion
  8. turn
  9. influence decisively
  10. make a big sweeping gesture or movement
  11. hang freely
  12. hit or aim at with a sweeping arm movement
  13. alternate dramatically between high and low values
  14. live in a lively, modern, and relaxed style
  15. have a certain musical rhythm
  16. be a social swinger
  17. socialize a lot 1
  18. play with a subtle and intuitively felt sense of rhythm 1
  19. engage freely in promiscuous sex, often with the husband or wife of one's friends
  20. moving back and forth
  1. move back and forth; be suspended

swing Sentences in English

  1. मार  =  action
    He took a wild swing at the ball

  2. बदलाव  =  amount
    Voting showed a 10% swing to the labour

  3. लय  =  jazz
    A jazz with a smooth rythm

  4. परिवर्तन  =  mood
    He is liable to abrupt swings of mood

  5. दोलन  =  movement
    The swing of the pendulum

  6. लय  =  rythm
    Music with a swing to it

  7. लटकना  =  animal
    The monkey swung from branch to branch

  8. झुलअना  =  thing
    The bucket was swinging from the end of the rope

  9. बदलना  =  voters
    The voters have swung to the left

  10. लटकना  =  gymnastics
    The gymnast swung on the parallel bars

  11. झुमाना  =  music
    A tune that really swings

  12. निशाना बनाना  =  aim blow
    She swung at me with the first

  13. मुड़कर निकलना  =  move thing
    The car swung sharply round the corner

  14. सर्र से निकलना  =  run, smoothly
    The riders swung past us into the distance

  15. बदलना  =  shift
    His mood swings from wild optimism to total despair

  16. मुड़ना  =  turn, suddenly
    She swung round on angrily

  17. लहराना  =  thing, move
    The swung the axe above her head

  18. झुलाना  =  thing
    He swings his arms as he walked

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