method meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of method

method Definitions and meaning in English

  1. a way of doing something, especially a systematic way
  2. implies an orderly logical arrangement (usually in steps)
  3. means
  4. procedure
  5. order
  6. pattern

method Sentences in English

  1. व्यवस्थित  =  human
    Method actor

  2. प्रणाली  =  logic
    An effective method of teaching algebra

  3. ढंग  =  manner
    Our method of working is wrong.

  4. नियमितता  =  order
    He quality of his work is quite good but it lacks method.

  5. तरीका  =  order
    The quality of his work is quite good but it lacks method

  6. प्रणाली  =  procedure
    What is the method of doing this

  7. प्रणाली  =  route
    Tell the method to go there

  8. पद्धति  =  science
    Develop a reliable method of data analysis

  9. पद्धति  =  way
    Cientific method.

  10. तरीका  =  way
    There are three possible methods of doing this

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