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proportion Definitions and meaning in English

  1. the quotient obtained when the magnitude of a part is divided by the magnitude of the whole
  2. magnitude or extent
  3. balance among the parts of something
  4. harmonious arrangement or relation of parts or elementswithin a whole (as in a design)
  5. relative amount
  6. size of part to whole
  7. balance between parts of whole
  1. give pleasant proportions to
  2. adjust in size relative to other things

proportion Sentences in English

  1. भाग  =  part
    Water covers a large proportion of earth's surface.

  2. अनुपात  =  ratio
    The proportion of men to women in the college has changed dramatically over the years.

  3. अनुपात  =  ratio
    The proportion of regular smokers increases sharply with age.

  4. समानुपात  =  mathematics
    4 is to 8as 6 is to 12 is a statement of proportion.

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