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  1. (used in combination) sized
  1. the physical magnitude of something (how big it is)
  2. the property resulting from being one of a series of graduated measurements (as of clothing)
  3. any glutinous material used to fill pores in surfaces or to stiffen fabrics
  4. the actual state of affairs
  5. a large magnitude
  6. extent or bulk of some dimension
  1. cover or stiffen or glaze a porous material with size or sizing (a glutinous substance)
  2. sort according to size
  3. make to a size
  4. bring to a suitable size

size Sentences in English

  1. विस्तार  =  bigness
    None of the jewels were of any size

  2. हालत  =  condition
    That's about the size of it

  3. विस्तार  =  exent
    What is the size of your garden

  4. नाप  =  length
    What is the size of your dress

  5. माप  =  measure
    Childrens size shoe

  6. साइज  =  number
    What size is springfiled ,illinios

  7. पैमाना  =  scale
    Size of your plot

  8. आकार  =  shape
    Flowerpot came in all shapes and sizes.

  9. नाप  =  thing
    The size of a farm

  10. साइज  =  weights and measures
    It is right size for me

  11. आकार  =  person
    My wife and teenaged daughter are the same size.

  12. सजाना  =  human, arrange thing
    He sized all the things

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