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  1. extent downward or backward or inward
  2. degree of psychological or intellectual depth
  3. (usually plural) the deepest and most remote part
  4. (usually plural) a low moral state
  5. the intellectual ability to penetrate deeply into ideas
  6. distance down or across
  7. insight
  8. wisdom

depth Sentences in English

  1. गहराई  =  degree
    Water was found at a depth of 30 feet underground

  2. गहराई  =  distance
    What's the depth of the water here

  3. गहराई  =  feeling
    His ideas lack depths.

  4. गहराई  =  length
    Shelves with a depth of 8inch

  5. गहराई  =  profundity
    The depth of someone's feeling

  6. गहनता  =  seriousness
    We studied the situation in depth

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