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  1. education imparted in a series of lessons or class meetings
  2. a connected series of events or actions or developments
  3. facility consisting of a circumscribed area of land or water laid out for a sport
  4. a mode of action
  5. a line or route along which something travels or moves
  6. general line of orientation
  7. part of a meal served at one time
  8. (construction) a layer of masonry
  9. progress
  10. advance
  11. path
  12. channel
  13. length of action
  14. plan of study
  1. as might be expected
  1. move swiftly through or over
  2. move along, of liquids
  3. hunt with hounds
  4. flow; run

course Sentences in English

  1. अवश्य  =  of course, manner
    Of course,the lawer sent us a huge bill

  2. अवश्य  =  manner
    Of course,i will give you your money back

  3. तह  =  architecture, layer
    A course of bricks

  4. कोर्स  =  medicine, period
    It is my three months course

  5. कोर्स  =  medicine
    Course of drugs

  6. प्रगति  =  advance
    The government took a firm course

  7. पाठ्य-क्रम  =  course
    There are so many course open to us

  8. प्रवाह  =  direction
    The northeastern course of the coast

  9. मैदान  =  field
    Golf course

  10. भोजन-क्रम  =  food
    She prepared a three course meal

  11. पाठ्य-क्रम  =  lesson
    A course of lesson

  12. पाट्य-क्रम  =  period
    Do a two years post graduate course in accountancy

  13. कोर्स  =  period
    Do a two years post graduate course in accountancy

  14. रास्ता  =  place
    The course was less than a mile

  15. मार्ग  =  place
    The course was less than a mile

  16. कार्रवाई  =  process
    He has committed a crime and now the law must take its course

  17. रास्ता  =  road
    Course of vehicles

  18. मार्ग  =  route
    The course of the river

  19. अध्ययन  =  study
    Do a course in a car maintenance

  20. रास्ता  =  track
    The course of an animal

  21. पथ  =  trunk
    Course of vessel

  22. दिशा  =  way
    The river takes a southern course

  23. बहना  =  blood
    The blood is coursing from his body

  24. शिकार करना  =  human hunt
    He is coursing of animal

  25. चलना  =  lecture
    The lecture is coursing

  26. बहना  =  river
    The river is coursing to the northeastern coast

  27. बहना  =  tear
    Tears coursed down his cheeks

  28. बहना  =  water
    Water coursed into the cave

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