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even Definitions and meaning in English

  1. divisible by two
  2. equal in degree or extent or amount
  3. to the full extent
  4. commensurate; having no advantage
  5. fair
  6. impartial
  1. make level or straight
  2. become even or more even
  3. make even or more even
  4. balance
  5. make smooth
  1. still
  2. yet

even Sentences in English

  1. समान  =  action
    To hold an even course

  2. समान  =  color
    An even color

  3. सम  =  number
    An even number

  4. समतल  =  plane
    Even with the ground

  5. सम  =  price
    An even bargaining

  6. ठीक इतना ही  =  manner
    Even more suitable

  7. और भी
    He looked sick and felt even worse.

  8. समतल करना  =  ground
    To even the playground for the sports

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