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  1. a vigorous blow
  2. a sudden very loud noise
  3. a fringe of banged hair (cut short squarely across the forehead)
  4. the swift release of a store of affective force
  5. a conspicuous success
  6. explosive noise
  7. loud hit or knock
  8. thrilling situation
  1. directly
  2. suddenly
  3. with force
  1. strike violently
  2. to produce a sharp often metallic explosive or percussive sound
  3. close violently
  4. move noisily
  5. have sexual intercourse with
  6. leap, jerk, bang
  7. hit or knock loudly
  8. moving by hitting hard

bang Sentences in English

  1. पुरी तरह से  =  completely
    A film that is bang up to date.

  2. ठीक  =  exactly
    You are bang on time, as usual!

  3. अचानक और जोर से  =  suddenly and loudly
    He fell bang against the wall.

  4. सीधे
    He ran bang into the pole.

  5. तीव्र आघात  =  blow
    He fell and got a nasty bang on the head.

  6. उत्तेजना  =  excitement
    A big bang out of seeing movies.

  7. धमाका  =  loud noise
    The bomb exploded with an enormous bang.

  8. जोश  =  spirit
    The bang has gone out of my work.

  9. धम्म से बन्द हो जाना  =  close
    Suddenly,the door banged.

  10. जोर से टकराना  =  crash
    He ran around the corner and banged straight into a lamppost.

  11. जोर से पटक देना  =  dash
    I banged the box on the floor.

  12. पटक देना  =  dash
    She tripped and banged her knee on the desk.

  13. काट लेना  =  dock tail
    To bang the tail of a horse or dog.

  14. जोर से मारना  =  hit
    He was banging on the door with his fist.

  15. जोर से खटखटाना  =  knock
    She banged the door angrily.

  16. जोर से धमाका होना  =  produce
    Suddenly something banged and all the lights went out.

  17. जोर से बन्द करना  =  slam
    Don't banged the door!

  18. गुँजना  =  sound
    The guns banged all night.

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