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  1. a condition requiring relief
  2. anything that is necessary but lacking
  3. the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal
  4. the reason for the action
  5. that which gives purpose and direction to behavior
  6. a state of extreme poverty or destitution
  7. want
  8. requirement
  9. poverty
  10. emergency; pressing lack
  1. require as useful, just, or proper
  2. have need of
  3. have or feel a need for
  4. want something

need Sentences in English

  1. ज़रूरत  =  demand
    There is need for job

  2. मुफ़लिसी  =  destitution
    The family's need is acute

  3. ग़रीबी  =  indigence
    Their need appalled him

  4. प्रेरणा  =  motivation
    We didn't understand his need

  5. प्रयोजन  =  motive
    He acted with the best of need

  6. ज़रूरत  =  necessity
    Create a need for something

  7. आवश्यकता  =  obligation
    There's no need to be so rude

  8. ग़रीबी  =  poor
    He helped me in my hour of need

  9. ज़रूरत  =  requirement
    Her satisfied his need for affection

  10. अवश्यकता  =  requisite
    The need for leadership

  11. आपत्ति  =  situation
    To help a friend in need

  12. आवश्यकता  =  want
    I tried to supply his need

  13. जरूरत होना  =  human
    He needs six points to win

  14. जरूतमंद होना  =  human, event
    I need him to help me

  15. ज़रूरत होना  =  event
    To need money

  16. ज़रूरत होना  =  require
    Children need milk

  17. जरूरत होना  =  action
    This job needs lot of patience

  18. मदद चाहना  =  human, action
    I need you to help me

  19. आवश्यकता होना  =  thing
    This piano needed an attention of a competent tuner

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