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  1. connect closely and often incriminatingly
  2. engage as a participant
  3. have as a necessary feature or consequence
  4. entail
  5. require as useful, just, or proper
  6. contain as a part
  7. wrap
  8. occupy or engage the interest of
  9. make complex or intricate or complicated
  10. draw in; include

involve Sentences in English

  1. फंसाना करना  =  entangle
    The witness's statement involves you in the robbery.

  2. निहित होना  =  include
    A situation in which national security is involved.

  3. शामिल करना  =  incorporate
    The plan could involve closing several factories.

  4. शामिल होना  =  participate
    The strike involved many people.

  5. शामिल करना  =  to include
    Schools should involve parents more in decision-making.

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