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  1. massive plantigrade carnivorous or omnivorous mammals with long shaggy coats and strong claws
  2. an investor with a pessimistic market outlook
  3. take on as one's own the expenses or debts of another person
  4. contain or hold
  5. have within
  6. bring in
  7. have on one's person
  8. behave in a certain manner
  9. have rightfully
  10. of rights, titles, and offices
  11. support or hold in a certain manner
  12. be pregnant with
  1. bring
  2. support mentally
  3. endure
  4. give birth

bear Sentences in English

  1. मंदा  =  bull, state
    A bear market

  2. मंदा  =  market
    A bear market

  3. अशिष्ट व्याक्ति  =  human
    Don't speak that bear.

  4. उठाकर ले जाना  =  human, event
    He is bearing heavy load.

  5. ले जाना  =  human, event
    Three kings bearing gifts.

  6. रखना  =  human feeling
    She bore love for him

  7. जन्म देना  =  human human
    She bore a daughter to him

  8. ले जाना  =  human human
    They bore him home

  9. देना  =  human testimony
    He bore the testimony against him

  10. मिलना  =  matter
    Her efforts to stage the production bore fruit-the play was overnight success

  11. खिलना  =  plant flower
    Trees baring pink blassom

  12. फलना  =  plant fruit
    This tree is bearing a lot of apples this year.

  13. होना  =  stone
    I saw a tomb stone bearing the date 1602

  14. जन्म देना  =  volitional thing volitional thing
    To bear a child

  15. अनुमति देना  =  allow
    Such weak arguments will not bear serious examinations.her joke does not bear repeating.

  16. आचरण करना  =  behave
    She bear herself well.

  17. झुकना  =  bend
    He bore to the right.

  18. बरदाश्त करना  =  endure action
    I couldn't bear to listen any longer, so i left the room

  19. बरदाश्त करना  =  endure pain
    She bore the pain with great courage.

  20. ढकेलना  =  push thing
    The police was borne back the crowd.

  21. फैलाना  =  spread rumor
    He bore the rumor all over the town.

  22. पहुँचाना  =  spread voice
    To bear the sound

  23. वहन करना  =  sustain thing
    I cann't bear the heavy loud of goods.

  24. सँभालना  =  sustain weight
    I doubt if that chair will bear your weight.

  25. लेना  =  take thing
    He can bear his responsibility.

  26. होना  =  human, event
    She bear little resemlance to her mother

  27. जन्म देना  =  human, event
    She bore him a daughter.

  28. देना  =  human assistance
    He bore her the assistance.

  29. करना  =  human feeling
    She donellyreallyt bear them a grudge

  30. उठाकर ले जाना  =  carry
    They are bearing the bags of rice.

  31. ले जाना  =  carry
    Three kings bearing gifts.

  32. रखना  =  preserve
    Don't bear it in mind

  33. दिखाना  =  show
    This document bore his signature.

  34. होना  =  show
    To bear a resemblance

  35. फैलना  =  spread
    The rumor bore in the whole town.the sound of voice bore in the entire auditorium.

  36. उपयुक्त्त होना  =  suit
    His language won't bear repating.

  37. उचित होना  =  suit
    Such weak arguments will not bear serious examinations.her joke does not bear repeating.

  38. लेना  =  take
    She agreed to bear the responibility.

  39. मोड़ देना  =  turn
    He hardly bore it to the right.

  40. मुड़ना  =  turn
    When you get to the fork in the road,bear to the right

  41. परिदाण करना  =  arms
    They bore the arms to war.

  42. जन्म देना  =  baby
    She bore a child.

  43. होना  =  date
    I saw a tomb stone bearing the date 1602.

  44. उठाना  =  expense
    I can bear all expenses of wedding.

  45. होना  =  mark
    He was attacked by a shark years ago, and his led still bears the scars

  46. धारण करना  =  name
    A married woman usually bears her husbands surname

  47. जानना  =  name
    A family that bore an ancient and honoured name

  48. रखना  =  relation
    He bore the relation with his uncle

  49. दिखाना  =  relation
    The title of the eassay bore little relation to the contents

  50. सँभालना  =  responsibility
    The captain of the ship bears a heavy responsibility

  51. बरदाश्त करना  =  rumor
    I cann't bear this sort of rumor.

  52. होना  =  signature
    His letters bears no signature

  53. धारण करना  =  title
    To bear a little

  54. बरदाश्त करना  =  voice
    Don't speak loudly,i cann't bear it.

  55. सहना
    I cannot bear this heat.

  56. देना
    She had borne him six sons.

  57. सहन करना
    I cannot bear this heat.

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