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  1. have as a part, be made up out of
  2. consider as part of something
  3. add as part of something else
  4. contain
  5. involve

include Sentences in English

  1. शामिल करना  =  exclude, event
    He included me in his project

  2. शामिल करना  =  group human
    They included me into their new group

  3. सम्मिलित करना  =  group matter
    We must inclued this chemical element into the group

  4. मिलाना  =  matter matter
    They want to iclude this chemical into that chemical

  5. सम्मिलित करना  =  add
    We must include this chemical element in the group

  6. अंदर आने देना  =  admit
    She was inclued to the new jersey bar

  7. समाविष्ट करना  =  contain
    The package include a book of instructions

  8. समावेश होना  =  exist
    The price includes postage charges

  9. शामिल करना  =  include
    He included the names of these people in the new project

  10. शामिल करना  =  amount
    I have included all my money into your money

  11. दर्ज़ करना  =  event
    They have included three events of death in their book

  12. गिन लेना  =  human
    I inclued you in the list of culprits

  13. सम्मिलित करना  =  matter
    He included this chemical element in the group

  14. शामिल करना
    She was included in the new jersey bar.

  15. शरीक करना
    She was included in the new jersey bar.

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