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  1. free from liquid or moisture
  2. suffering from fluid deprivation
  3. having a large proportion of strong liquor
  4. lacking warmth or emotional involvement
  5. practicing complete abstinence from alcoholic beverages
  6. moistureless
  7. dull
  8. uninteresting
  9. sarcastic
  10. sharp
  1. a reformer who opposes the use of intoxicating beverages
  1. remove the moisture from and make dry
  2. become dry or drier
  3. take moisture out of

dry Sentences in English

  1. फीका  =  sweet, state
    A dry white wine

  2. सूखा  =  wet
    My mouth/throat feels dry

  3. निर्दुग्ध  =  cow
    The cows are dry

  4. रूखा  =  human
    He is a dry man

  5. कठोर  =  law
    India's law is very dry

  6. नीरस  =  party
    Today's party was very dry

  7. सूखी  =  thing
    Dry thing

  8. खराब  =  time
    My time is very dry

  9. खराब  =  weather
    I hope weather doesn't stay dry for our picnic

  10. सूखा हुआ  =  well
    The well ran dry

  11. फीका  =  wine
    A dry white wine

  12. कठोर  =  word
    She is of dry words

  13. बेकार  =  years
    The greatest of artists have dry years

  14. प्यासा  =  thirsty
    I am bit dry

  15. नीरस  =  dull
    Government reports tend to make rather dry reading.

  16. सूखा हुआ  =  state
    This pastry is too dry-add some water

  17. रसहीन
    A dry book

  18. बेरस
    A dry book

  19. शुष्क
    A dry book

  20. सुखाना  =  human
    She ran in after the rainstorm and dried herself off with a thick towel

  21. सुखाना
    Dry clothes / dry hair

  22. सूखना  =  event
    The laundry dries in the sun.

  23. सूख जाना  =  be
    The laundry dries in the sun.

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