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  1. pure liquid hydrogen and oxygen
  1. dampen; put water in

water Sentences in English

  1. पानी  =  mass of liquid
    Don't go too near the edge or you'll fall in the water.

  2. समुद्र  =  sea
    British waters.

  3. जलापूर्ति  =  supply
    Water shortages.

  4. जल
    She asked for a drink of water.

  5. पानी भर आना  =  eyes
    The smoke made my eyes water.

  6. में पानी भर आना  =  mouth
    The delicious smell from the kitchen made our mouths water.

  7. सिंचित होना  =  irrigate
    A country watered by many rivers.

  8. पानी देना  =  pour
    Water a flowerbed/lawn.

  9. पानी दिखाना  =  animal
    Water the horses.

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