watery meaning in hindi

Pronunciation of watery

watery Antonyms

watery Definitions and meaning in English

  1. liquid
  2. diluted

watery Sentences in English

  1. पनियल
    Watery milk

  2. जलपूर्ण
    Watery soil

  3. भीगा
    Wiped his watery neck

  4. जलवत
    A watery substance / a watery color

  5. पानी जैसा
    A watery substance / a watery color

  6. फीका
    Watery coffee

  7. कांतिहीन
    Watery sunshine

  8. ओजहीन
    Watery prose

  9. अश्रुपूर्ण
    A watery good-bye

  10. रिसता हुआ
    A watery wound

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