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  1. the process of becoming softened and saturated as a consequence of being immersed in water (or other liquid)
  2. washing something by allowing it to soak
  1. submerge in a liquid
  2. rip off
  3. ask an unreasonable price
  4. cover with liquid
  5. pour liquid onto
  6. leave as a guarantee in return for money
  7. beat severely
  8. slang
  9. make drunk (with alcoholic drinks)
  10. become drunk or drink excessively
  11. fill, soak, or imbue totally
  12. heat a metal prior to working it
  13. drench
  14. wet

soak Sentences in English

  1. डुबाव  =  drenching
    Give the shirt a good soak.

  2. पियक्कड़  =  drunkard
    He's a dreadful old soak.

  3. सुखावन  =  dryings
    Give the shirt a good soakin the sun.

  4. सोखना  =  absorb
    Towel soaks water.

  5. भिगना  =  become wet
    Leave the dried beans to soak overnight.

  6. चूस लेना  =  extract
    Are you in favour of soaking the rich by charging heavy taxes from them

  7. फैल जाना  =  penetrate
    Clean up the wine on the carpet before it soaks in.

  8. भिगोना  =  wet
    Soak bread in milk and then eat.

  9. लूट लेना
    He was completely soaked by the local shops.

  10. मूँड़ लेना
    He was completely soaked by the local shops.

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