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  1. cook and make edible by putting in a hot oven
  2. prepare with dry heat in an oven
  3. heat by a natural force
  4. cook in oven

bake Sentences in English

  1. तैयार करना  =  human, cook cake
    He is baking a birthday cake.

  2. पकाना  =  human, cook
    She is baking the food.

  3. सुखाना  =  human, heat brick
    In the former times, bricks were baked in the sun

  4. सख्त करना  =  human, heat pottery
    He baked the pottery in an oven.

  5. भूरा करना  =  sun tan skin
    The sun baked the skin.

  6. सख्त बनाना  =  sun ground
    The sun baked the ground in the summer.

  7. सेंकना  =  event
    He is baking the bread

  8. सुखा देना  =  ground
    The sun baked the ground in the summer.

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