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Crisp, Acuate, Acute, Needlelike, Discriminating, Incisive, Keen, Knifelike, Penetrating, Penetrative, Piercing, Astute, Shrewd, Sharp-worded, Tart, Shrill, Abrupt, Precipitous, Acerb, Acerbic, Astringent, Sharply, Aciculate, Acuminate, Apical, Barbed, Briery, Cuspate, Cuspidate, Edged, Fine, Honed, Horned, Jagged, Peaked, Pointed, Pointy, Prickly, Pronged, Razor-sharp, Salient, Serrated, Sharpened, Spiked, Spiky, Spiny, Splintery, Stinging, Tapered, Tapering, Thorny, Tined, Tipped, Whetted, Distinct, Extreme, Intense, Marked, Adroit, Alert, Apt, Brainy, Bright, Brilliant, Canny, Clever, Critical, Cute, Discerning, Fast, Foxy, Ingenious, Intelligent, Knowing, Nimble, Observant, On the ball, Original, Quick, Quick on the uptake, Ready, Resourceful, Savvy, Sensitive, Slick, Smart, Subtle, Wise, Artful, Bent, Crafty, Cunning, Designing, Ornery, Salty, Shady, Slippery, Sly, Snaky, Two-faced, Underhand, Unethical, Unscrupulous, Wily, Agonizing, Biting, Cutting, Distressing, Drilling, Excruciating, Fierce, Painful, Shooting, Sore, Stabbing, Violent, Audible, Clear, Clear-cut, Definite, Explicit, Obvious, Visible, Chic, Classy, Dashing, Distinctive, Dressy, Excellent, Fashionable, First-class, Fly, In style, Snappy, Swank, Tony, Trendy, Acrimonious, Angry, Caustic, Double-edged, Harsh, Inconsiderate, Peppery, Pungent, Sarcastic, Sardonic, Scathing, Severe, Short, Thoughtless, Trenchant, Unceremonious, Ungracious, Virulent, Vitriolic, Acid, Acrid, Active, Austere, Bitter, Brisk, Burning, Hot, Lively, Odorous, Piquant, Sour, Strong-smelling, Suffocating, Vigorous, Vinegary, Abruptly, Accurately, Bang, Exactly, Just, On the button, On the dot, Precisely, Promptly, Punctually, Right, Smack-dab, Square, Squarely, Suddenly

sharp Definitions and meaning in English

  1. (of something seen or heard) clearly defined
  2. ending in a sharp point
  3. having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions
  4. marked by practical hardheaded intelligence
  5. harsh
  6. high-pitched and sharp
  7. extremely steep
  8. keenly and painfully felt
  9. as if caused by a sharp edge or point
  10. very penetrating and clear and sharp in operation
  11. having or made by a thin edge or sharp point
  12. suitable for cutting or piercing
  13. sour or bitter in taste 1
  14. raised in pitch by one chromatic semitone
  15. very sudden and in great amount or degree
  16. quick and forceful
  17. knifelike
  18. cutting
  19. sudden
  20. perceptive
  21. quick
  22. dishonest
  23. deceitful
  24. severe
  25. intense
  26. distinct
  27. well
  28. stylish
  29. hurtful
  30. bitter in speech
  31. having strong affect on animate senses
  1. a musical notation indicating one half step higher than the note named
  2. a long thin sewing needle with a sharp point
  1. changing suddenly in direction and degree
  2. on time

sharp Sentences in English

  1. तीक्ष्ण  =  action
    A sharp comments

  2. तेज़  =  curve
    The sharp curves in the road

  3. उत्सुक  =  desires
    A sharp desires

  4. तेज़  =  edge
    A sharp knife

  5. तीक्ष्ण  =  face angular
    She had a sharp face

  6. साफ़  =  outline
    A sharp outline

  7. तीक्ष्ण  =  voice shrill
    A sharp cry

  8. तेज़  =  alert
    They kept a sharp watch for the enemy

  9. चालाक  =  astute
    A sharp at making a bargain

  10. स्पष्ट  =  clear
    A sharp photographic image

  11. विषम  =  constrat
    Sharp differences of opinions

  12. कटु  =  harsh
    A sharp words

  13. उच्च  =  high-pitched
    There was a sharp knock at the door

  14. चालाक  =  mentally acute
    A sharp lad who will be an assest for the firm

  15. तेज़  =  quick
    A sharp blow

  16. तेज़  =  rapid
    A sharp dropp in prices

  17. दुरारोह
    A sharp drop

  18. नोकदार  =  pointed
    The table has sharp corners

  19. तीक्ष्ण  =  state
    A sharp words

  20. तेज़  =  violent
    A sharp struggle

  21. खड़ा
    A sharp drop

  22. तेज़ी से  =  suddenly
    Turn sharp left

  23. सुई  =  needle
    Packet of cast steet sharps

  24. उच्च स्वर में सुनाना  =  human, sing
    He sang in sharp voice

  25. ऊँचा चढाना  =  human sound
    His sharp sound

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