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  1. denuded of leaves
  2. completely unclothed
  3. lacking in amplitude or quantity
  4. without the natural or usual covering
  5. not having a protective covering
  6. just barely adequate or within a lower limit
  7. apart from anything else
  8. showing ground without the usual covering of grass
  9. without clothing
  1. lay bare
  2. make public
  3. reveal

bare Sentences in English

  1. कम  =  cloth
    A bare cloth in the shop

  2. सही  =  fact
    Just give us the bare facts of the case

  3. खाली  =  hand
    I killed it with my bare hands.

  4. कम  =  mountain
    There are the bare mountains in the state.

  5. खाली
    A bare room / bare shelves

  6. नंगा  =  sword
    A bare sword

  7. कम  =  tree
    A bare trees in the forest.

  8. अल्प  =  little
    Bare necessities of life

  9. नंगा  =  naked body
    Bare legs

  10. नग्न  =  naked body
    Bare bodies

  11. अल्प  =  scant
    Bare water in the lake.

  12. खाली  =  uncovered
    It is a bare floor-boards.

  13. पर्णविहीन
    Bare branches of the trees

  14. बिना पत्तों का
    Bare branches of the trees

  15. अनावृत्
    Bare bodies

  16. नग्न करना  =  human human
    She bared her child for bathing.

  17. दिखाना  =  reveal
    He bared his arms to me.

  18. दिखाना  =  expose
    The dog bared his fangs.

  19. प्रकट करना
    She bared her feelings, holding nothing back.

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