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  1. having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions
  2. intense or sharp
  3. very penetrating and clear and sharp in operation
  4. very good
  5. as physically painful as if caused by a sharp instrument
  6. having a sharp cutting edge or point
  7. enthusiastic
  8. sharp
  9. piercing
  10. intelligent
  1. a funeral lament sung with loud wailing
  1. express grief verbally

keen Sentences in English

  1. उग्र  =  argument
    I couldn't tolerate his keen argument.

  2. तीव्र  =  cold
    I had cough because of keen cold.

  3. असह्य  =  cold
    This year delhi has keen cold.

  4. जबरदस्त  =  competition
    People are waiting to see the keen competetion of wrestling.

  5. पैनी  =  eye piercing
    His eyes are so keen that he recognised me from far distance.

  6. परम  =  feeling intense
    Every indian has a keen enthusiasm on the independence day.

  7. कुशाग्रबुद्धि  =  human astute
    Ramkrishna paramhansa observed the keen of vivekananda at the first glance.

  8. व्यग्र  =  human crazy human
    Keen for my sister

  9. उत्सुक  =  human eager action
    Keen for the picnic

  10. उत्सुक  =  human eager matters
    She was so keen to know this fact.

  11. उत्सुक  =  human enthusiastic action
    She was very keen for dancing.

  12. उत्सुक  =  human enthusiastic, event
    I was keen to participate.

  13. तीव्रबुद्धि  =  human, state
    Noone can doubt over his keen.

  14. तेज  =  intelligence acumen
    No doubt, he has a keen intelligence.

  15. अतिशय  =  interest intense
    Despite his keen interest in acting he could not get a role in drama.

  16. अत्यंत  =  pain
    My stomach pain was so keen that i had to go to doctor.

  17. पैनी  =  part sharp
    This knife has a keen edge.

  18. सूक्ष्म  =  remark
    He could not follow his keen comment.

  19. संवेदनशील  =  sense organ
    Eye is the most keen in human body.

  20. नुकीला  =  tool sharp
    This spear is not very keen.

  21. प्रचंड  =  wind
    Because of keen wind,several huts were blown off.

  22. शोकगीत  =  lamentation
    Ireland has a tradition of singing a keen at the moment of sorrow.

  23. सूक्ष्म  =  fine
    Keen reasoning

  24. अत्यधिक  =  intense
    Despite his keen enthusiasm, he was not successful.

  25. कुतूहली  =  keen-serious
    A keen student of music

  26. संवेदनशील  =  sensitive
    This matter is very keen so think properly.

  27. तेज  =  sharp
    He is very keen in chess.

  28. सूक्ष्म  =  small
    This fly is so keen that you will have to see it through miroscope.

  29. तीव्र  =  state
    His bike's speed was so keen that he couldn't control over the break.

  30. उग्र  =  violent
    A keen mob attacked that colony.

  31. शोकगीत  =  song
    People in ireland express their sorrow by singing a keen.

  32. शोक गीत गाना  =  human
    Irish people keen

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