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Absolute, Acrimonious, Actively, Actual, Adamantine, Agonizingly, Angrily, Angry, Animatedly, Antagonistic, Arduous, Arduously, Assiduously, Austere, Awkwardly, Backbreaking, Badly, Bare, Bitter, Bitterly, Bleak, Boisterously, Bothersome, Briskly, Brutal, Brutally, Burdensome, Callous, Carefully, Closely, Cold, Cold fish, Cold-blooded, Difficult, Grueling, Gruelling, Heavy, Hard, Fermented, Firmly, Heavily, Intemperately, Compact, Compacted, Compressed, Concentrated, Consolidated, Dense, Firm, Hardened, Impenetrable, Indurate, Inflexible, Herculean, Complicated, Demanding, Distressing, Effortful, Exacting, Fatiguing, Formidable, Grinding, Hairy, Intricate, Dark, Disagreeable, Dour, Grievous, Grim, Hard as nails, Hard-boiled, Harsh, Hostile, Inclement, Intemperate, Intolerable, Definite, Down-to-earth, Genuine, Cruelly, Earnestly, Energetically, Ferociously, Fiercely, Forcibly, Frantically, Furiously, Intensely, Diligently, Doggedly, Exhaustively, Industriously, Intensively, Intently, Cumbersomely, Distressingly, Hardly, Harshly, Inconveniently, Knockout, Severe, Laborious, Punishing, Toilsome, Strong, Tough, Severely, Iron, Packed, Rigid, Rocky, Set, Solid, Stiff, Stony, Thick, Unyielding, Involved, Irksome, Knotty, Labored, Mean, Merciless, Murder, Onerous, Operose, Rigorous, Rough, Rugged, Scabrous, Serious, Slavish, Sticky, Strenuous, Terrible, Tiring, Troublesome, Unsparing, Uphill, Wearing, Wearisome, Wearying, Obdurate, Painful, Perverse, Pitiless, Rancorous, Resentful, Stern, Strict, Stringent, Stubborn, Thick-skinned, Unfeeling, Unjust, Unkind, Unpleasant, Unrelenting, Unsympathetic, Vengeful, Plain, Positive, Practical, Pragmatic, Realistic, Sure, Undeniable, Unvarnished, Verified, Keenly, Like fury, Madly, Meanly, Painfully, Powerfully, Relentlessly, Rigorously, Roughly, Rowdily, Savagely, Seriously, Sharply, Spiritedly, Sprightly, Stormily, Strongly, Turbulently, Uproariously, Urgently, Viciously, Vigorously, Violently, Vivaciously, Wildly, Painstakingly, Persistently, Searchingly, Steadily, Strenuously, Thoroughly, Unremittingly, Laboriously, Ponderously, Tiredly, Reluctantly, Slowly, Sorely

hard Definitions and meaning in English

  1. not easy
  2. requiring great physical or mental effort to accomplish or comprehend or endure
  3. metaphorically hard
  4. not yielding to pressure or easily penetrated
  5. very strong or vigorous
  6. characterized by toilsome effort to the point of exhaustion
  7. especially physical effort
  8. of speech sounds
  9. of a drinker or drinking
  10. indulging intemperately
  11. having undergone fermentation
  12. having a high alcoholic content
  13. unfortunate or hard to bear
  14. dried out
  15. rocklike
  16. difficult
  17. exhausting
  18. cruel
  19. ruthless
  20. true
  21. indisputable
  1. with effort or force or vigor
  2. with firmness
  3. earnestly or intently
  4. causing great damage or hardship
  5. slowly and with difficulty
  6. indulging excessively
  7. into a solid condition
  8. very near or close in space or time
  9. with pain or distress or bitterness
  10. to the full extent possible
  11. all the way
  12. with great force
  13. with determination
  14. with difficulty
  15. with resentment

hard Sentences in English

  1. कड़ा  =  soft commerce, state
    He drives a hard bargain

  2. पूरी तरह  =  action
    He tried hard

  3. अत्याधिक  =  excessive, degree
    He drinks hard

  4. परिश्रमशीलता से  =  diligent, manner
    He studies hard

  5. कठिनतः
    Prejudices die hard.

  6. मुश्किल से
    Prejudices die hard.

  7. कठिनाई से
    Prejudices die hard.

  8. नीठि
    Prejudices die hard.

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