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empty Definitions and meaning in English

  1. holding or containing nothing
  2. devoid of significance or point
  3. having nothing inside
  4. needing nourishment
  5. emptied of emotion
  6. containing nothing
  7. fruitless
  8. ineffective
  9. hungry
  1. a container that has been emptied
  1. make void or empty of contents
  2. become empty or void of its content
  3. leave behind empty
  4. move out of
  5. remove
  6. excrete or discharge from the body
  7. remove contents

empty Sentences in English

  1. रिक्त
    Three months after his death, she still felt empty./ my life seems empty without you.

  2. निरर्थक
    An empty gesture aimed at pleasing the crowds

  3. खोखला
    Empty words / an empty promise

  4. रिक्त  =  thing
    Words that were empty of meaning

  5. खाली
    An empty box / an empty room

  6. खाली डिब्बा
    I must return all the empties to the store.

  7. निकालना
    Empty the water.

  8. छोड़ना  =  leave
    You must empty your office by tonight.

  9. खाली करना  =  leave
    You must empty your office by tonight.

  10. खाली होना  =  occur
    The room emptied.

  11. खाली करना  =  do
    Empty the box.

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