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endorse Definitions and meaning in English

  1. be behind
  2. approve of
  3. give support or one's approval to
  4. guarantee as meeting a certain standard
  5. of documents or cheques
  6. support
  7. authorize
  8. countersign a check

endorse Sentences in English

  1. पृष्ठांकन करना  =  cheque
    To write your name on the back of a cheque so that it can be paid into a bank account

  2. पृष्ठांकन करना  =  driving licence
    To write details of a driving offence on sb's driving licence

  3. समर्थन करना
    I wholeheartedly endorse his remarks.

  4. विज्ञापन करना
    I wonder how many celebrities actually use the products they endorse.

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