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  1. coming next after the first in position in space or time or degree or magnitude
  2. coming next after first
  3. a part or voice or instrument or orchestra section lower in pitch than or subordinate to the first
  4. having the second highest gear ratio
  5. next; subordinate
  1. 1/60 of a minute
  2. shortest interval of time
  3. support; duplicate
  1. support
  2. advance a suggestion

second Sentences in English

  1. दूसरे  =  event
    I cut my hair every second week

  2. मध्यम  =  voice
    Second alto

  3. दूसरा  =  another
    My wife and i decided not to have a second child

  4. हीन  =  inferior
    These plates are second

  5. अगला  =  next
    The second match will be held later

  6. द्वितीय  =  number
    Second division in the class

  7. दूसरा
    There are two good reasons why we can't do it. first, we can't afford it, and second, we don't have time.

  8. द्वितीय  =  degree
    He got second in economics at oxford

  9. सेकंड  =  moment
    It takes only a second to phone

  10. दिव्तीय वर्ग  =  order
    He came in a close second

  11. दूसरा  =  ordinal number
    First and then second

  12. दिव्तीय स्थान  =  rank
    He is second in command of the regiment

  13. दूसरा  =  second gear
    Can you change from third to second

  14. सेकंड  =  time
    It takes only a second to phone

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