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  1. an act of gracious kindness
  2. an advantage to the benefit of someone or something
  3. an inclination to approve
  4. a feeling of favorable regard
  5. souvenir consisting of a small gift given to a guest at aparty
  6. approval
  7. good opinion; help
  1. promote over another
  2. consider as the favorite
  3. treat gently or carefully
  4. bestow a privilege upon
  5. pamper
  6. reward; help
  7. prefer
  8. like
  9. look like

favor Sentences in English

  1. सहायता  =  help
    An you do me a favor.

  2. पक्ष  =  partiality
    E is in his favor.

  3. समर्थन  =  support
    He idea may find favor upon such a proposal.

  4. अनुमोदन करना  =  approve
    He president is believed to favored further tax-cuts.

  5. मिलता-जुलता होना  =  resemble
    He favors her aunt jane.

  6. पक्षपात करना  =  show partiality
    Don't favoring an individual.

  7. सहायता देना  =  support
    He state of economy does not favor the small industries.

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