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  1. grant credentials to
  2. provide or send (envoys or embassadors) with official credentials
  3. give credit for
  4. attribute responsibility or achievement
  5. give authorization or control

accredit Sentences in English

  1. अधिकृत करना  =  appoint
    He was accredited to madrid.

  2. श्रेय देना  =  impute
    She is accredited with having first introduce this word into the language. / he was accredited with having propounded the new theory.

  3. अधिकार देना
    He was accredited to madrid.

  4. प्रत्यायित करना  =  appoint
    He was accredited as an ambassador to pakistan.

  5. मान्यता देना
    Accredit an academic degree

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