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  1. the person or thing rejected or set aside as inferior in quality
  1. refuse to accept or acknowledge
  2. refuse to accept
  3. deem wrong or inappropriate
  4. reject with contempt
  5. resist immunologically the introduction of some foreign tissue or organ
  6. refuse entrance or membership
  7. dismiss from consideration
  8. say no to

reject Sentences in English

  1. बेकार  =  useless
    Reject furniture

  2. बेकार वस्तु  =  thing
    The rejects are sold off cheaply.

  3. निकाल देना  =  discard
    Previously rejected players have been brought back into the team.

  4. उपेक्षित करना  =  neglect
    The child was rejected by its parents.

  5. अस्वीकार करना  =  refuse
    Reject a gift.

  6. फेंक देना  =  throw
    Imperfect articles are rejected by oure quality control.

  7. रद्द कर देना
    This possibility can be rejected from our consideration.

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