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  1. a formal and solemn declaration of objection
  2. the act of protesting
  3. a public (often organized) manifestation of dissent
  4. the act of making a strong public expression of disagreementand disapproval
  5. complaint
  6. disapproval
  1. utter words of protest
  2. express opposition through action or words
  3. affirm or avow formally or solemnly
  4. complain
  5. disapprove; argue against

protest Sentences in English

  1. प्रतिवाद  =  objection
    The union orgnized a protest against the redundancies .

  2. विरोध  =  oppose
    The minister resigned in protest against the decision.

  3. प्रतिवाद  =  objection
    The director resigned in protest at the decision.

  4. निश्चित रुप से कहना  =  assert
    She protested that she had never seen him before.

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