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  1. pledge
  2. promise
  1. pledge
  2. promise

guarantee Sentences in English

  1. गारन्टी  =  assurance
    The watch comes with a year's guarantee.

  2. वादा  =  promise
    He gave me a guarantee that it would never happen again.

  3. जमानत  =  security
    We had to offer our house as a guarantee when getting the loan.

  4. निश्चित  =  sure
    There's no guarantee that she'll come.

  5. प्रत्याभुति  =  written promise
    They are demanding certain guarantee before signing the treaty.

  6. गारन्टी देना  =  assure
    The product is guaranteed for one year against mechanical failure or faulty work manship.

  7. निश्चिंत होना  =  certain
    Your qualification might help you get a job but you can't guarantee .

  8. आशा करना  =  expectation
    We cannot guarantee the punctual arrival of buses in foggy weather.

  9. वादा करना  =  promise
    We guarantee to deliver within a week.

  10. जिम्मा लेना  =  responsibility
    The flim is excellent-i guarantee you'll enjoy it.

  11. दायित्व लेना  =  take responsibility
    Gaurantee somebody's debts.

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