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  1. give a benediction to
  2. confer prosperity or happiness on
  3. make the sign of the cross over someone in order to call on God for protection
  4. consecrate
  5. render holy by means of religious rites
  6. sanctify
  7. grant
  8. bestow

bless Sentences in English

  1. आशिर्वाद देना  =  god human
    The god blessed him.

  2. आशिर्वाद देना  =  human
    The dying man blessed his son.

  3. पविट्र घोषित करना  =  consecrate
    The pope blessed the multitude.

  4. उपासना करना  =  glorify
    We bless 'the holy name'.

  5. कृपा याचना करना  =  pray
    He is blessing for happiness.

  6. पविट्र करना  =  purify
    The priest blessed the bread and wine.

  7. सफल और सुखी बनाना  =  fortune
    Bless my fortune

  8. आराधना करना  =  god
    The poor people always bless the god for happiness, health and sucess.

  9. सुखसमृध्दशाली बनाना  =  thing human
    Bless this house with all the members of the family

  10. सुखी बनाना  =  thing
    Bless this house with all the members of the family.

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