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  1. use
  2. corrosion
  1. be clothed in
  2. corrode
  3. use
  4. bother
  5. undermine
  6. endure

wear Sentences in English

  1. पहनना  =  action
    Cotton is suitable for wear in summer.

  2. कपड़े  =  clothes
    Children's wear.

  3. घिसा होना  =  damage
    My shoes are showing wear.

  4. टिकाऊपन  =  quality
    There is still a lot of wear left in that old coat.

  5. इस्तेमाल  =  usage
    This carpet will stand very heavy wear.

  6. कमजोर होना  =  weakness
    You are showing sings of wear.

  7. घीस जाना  =  become smooth
    The stones had been worn smooth by the constant flow of water.

  8. पुराना होना  =  be old
    The carpets were starting to wear.

  9. होना  =  be present
    The house wore a neglected look.

  10. घिस जाना  =  be rubbed
    The sheets have worn thin.

  11. टिकाऊ होना  =  endure
    You should choose a fabric that will wear .

  12. रखना  =  keep
    Wear a beard.

  13. जवान दिखना  =  look young
    Despite her age she had worn well.

  14. बनाना  =  make
    The children have worn a path across the field where they walk each day to school.

  15. अनुमति देना  =  permit
    He watned to sail the boat alone but his parents wouldn't wear it.

  16. पहनना  =  put on
    He has worn a new shirt.

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