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  1. a physician who specializes in psychiatry
  1. wither, especially with a loss of moisture
  2. draw back, as with fear or pain
  3. reduce in size
  4. reduce physically
  5. become smaller or draw together
  6. decrease in size, range, or extent
  7. become smaller
  8. recoil
  9. shy away

shrink Sentences in English

  1. मनोरोग चिकित्सक  =  psychiatrist
    She sees her shrink once a week.

  2. मनश्चिकित्सक
    A psychiatrist or psychoanalyst

  3. मनोविश्लेषक
    A psychiatrist or psychoanalyst

  4. घटना  =  diminish
    The workforce has shrank from 20000 to 6000 in the past ten years.

  5. संकोच करना  =  feel shy
    A newly admitted student shrinks from meeting his classmates.

  6. सिकोड़ना  =  make smaller
    The washing-machine shrank my sweater.

  7. खिसक जाना  =  move back
    She shrank trembling against the wall.

  8. सिकुड़ना  =  wrinkle
    Will this shirt shrink in the wash

  9. सहम कर पीछे हट जाना
    She shrank before her boss's anger.

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