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tire Definitions and meaning in English

  1. hoop that covers a wheel
  1. get tired of something or somebody
  2. exhaust or tire through overuse or great strain or stress
  3. deplete
  4. cause to be bored
  5. exhaust
  6. weary

tire Sentences in English

  1. टायर  =  tool
    The automobile tires are usually made up of rubber and filled with compressed air

  2. थकाना  =  action bore human
    Reading again and again tired him

  3. उकता देना  =  action bore human
    Playing the same game tired the childrens

  4. थका देना  =  action fatigue human
    The long walk tired him

  5. थकाना  =  event bore human
    Routine work tired the workers

  6. ऊबाना  =  human bore human
    The students were tired by the professor

  7. थका देना  =  human fatigue human
    The manager tired the workers by load of work

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