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  1. change toward something smaller or lower
  2. a condition inferior to an earlier condition
  3. lessening
  4. downward change in value
  5. position
  1. say no
  2. lessen
  3. become less
  4. descend

decline Sentences in English

  1. गिरावट  =  rise
    A decline in prices

  2. ह्रास  =  decrease
    A decline in population

  3. पतन  =  fall
    The decline of the roman empire

  4. कम होना  =  diminish
    Her influence declined after she lost the election

  5. ढलना  =  end
    He spend his declining years in the country

  6. इन्कार करना  =  refuse
    I invited her to join us, but she declined

  7. और बिगड़ जाना
    Conditions in the slum declined.

  8. घटना
    Interest in the project began to decline.

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