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  1. the process of gradually becoming inferior
  2. a gradual decrease
  3. the spontaneous disintegration of a radioactive substancealong with the emission of ionizing radiation
  4. breaking down
  5. collapse
  1. lose a stored charge, magnetic flux, or current
  2. fall into decay or ruin
  3. undergo decay or decomposition
  4. deteriorate
  5. crumble

decay Sentences in English

  1. सड़न  =  deomposition
    Tooth decay.

  2. पतन  =  destructon
    The deudal system slowly fell into decay.

  3. क्षय  =  deterioration
    Economical/spiritual decay.

  4. विकार  =  disease
    His mental decay is distressing

  5. सड़ना  =  thing
    The wood has been specially treated to be resistant to decay

  6. ख़राब होना  =  become bad
    The buildings are decaying.

  7. सड़ना  =  event
    The teeth is decaying.

  8. क्षीण हो जाना  =  fall
    Our powers decay in old age.

  9. ख़राब करना  =  make bad
    The sugar decays your teeth.

  10. सड़ना  =  rot
    The teeth is decaying.

  11. सड़ाना  =  tooth
    Sugar can decay the teeth

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